Located just 15 minutes from Busselton in the South West of Western Australia, Jersey Farm produces outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil, using traditional organic farming methods. Only organic fertilizers are used, ensuring pure, fresh and premium Olive Oil.

With an abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs, Jersey Farm also produces delicious jams, pickles, chutneys and cured olives.  From our 20 acres of natural bush and the olive and fruit tree blossom, a small Apiary also supplies delicious bush honey, which the bees work endlessly for us to enjoy.

On Jersey Farm, all of nature is encouraged and protected.  We live in harmony with the land as much as possible and rejoice in the gifts it provides and the special sanctuary we can call our home. We have two Jersey steers, Clive and Floyde, who are about 8 years old.  They live, eat and roam and are completely loved. 

jersey steer Clive jersey farm organic jersey steer Floyde

History of Jersey Farm
Jersey Farm is where my father was born in the Cape, South Africa on January 28, 1936.  Him and his father bred and showed Jersey cattle and won many awards throughout South Africa.  Unfortunately the farm is no longer there, but it would be nice to think it lives on here in Busselton, Western Australia. 

vintage jersey cow vintage jersey farm vintage jersey steer

Olive Oil

Through the ages, the Olive Tree has been symbolic of wisdom, peace, hope, light, fertility, health, wealth and abundance.  The Olive branch symbolises peace and goodwill.


Apart from all the amazing health benefits of Olive Oil, it’s delicious and provides nourishment to the body.

Organic extra virgin olive oil


The fruits of Jersey Farm labour are all present in these tasty jarred treats.  They are seasonal and only small quantities are made, ensuring only the best fruit, vegetables and herbs are used in the process. 


All made at Jersey Farm.


Organic condiments

Gift Boxes and Wedding Favours

All gifts are handmade at Jersey Farm, using only the purest of products. A wonderful idea and gift to give your wedding guests and family to remind them of your special day. Please contact us to organise your hampers which we can make up to suit individual tastes and needs. 


hand made gift set

Farm Stall

Jersey Farm is now open for olive oil tasting and sales.  We have a small farm stall showcasing all of Jersey Farm produce and gourmet treats made on the farm.  Open Tuesday to Saturday 11-4pm.  Please check our Facebook page for produce updates and any changes to opening times.



hampers with organic extra virgin olive oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250ml extra virgin olive oil from Jersey Farm


750ml extra virgin olive oil from Jersey Farm


3 Litre extra virgin olive oil from Jersey Farm


Preserved Lemons

preserved lemons

Jersey Farm lemons preserved in salt. 320g


marmalade from Jersey Farm

Jersey Farm oranges, sugar. 210g

Apricot Jam

apricot jam from Jersey Farm

Jersey Farm apricots, sugar and
lemon juice. 210g

Plum & Star Anise Jam

plum and star anise jam from Jersey Farm

Jersey Farm plums, sugar, star anise and
lemon juice. 210g

Nectarine Jam

nectarine jam from Jersey Farm

Jersey Farm nectarines, sugar and
lemon juice. 210g


pure unprocessed honey from Jersey Farm

Pure unprocessed honey from
Jersey Farm Bees. 210g

Beeswax candles

beeswax candles from Jersey Farm

Made with pure beeswax
at Jersey Farm

Candle small

candles from Jersey Farm

Made with 100% soy wax
at Jersey Farm

Lavender Bags

lavender bags from Jersey Farm

Filled with 100% grown Jersey Farm Lavender.

Lip Balm

lip balm from Jersey Farm

Made with coconut oil, shea butter
and beeswax. 4g

Jersey Farm


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Sabina River, 6280
Western Australia

E: fiona@jerseyfarm.com.au
T: 08 97 533 577
M: 0409 712 896